My current work investigates themes such as the transience of beauty, the nature of painting in relation to transformation, the impermanence of memory, and the fleeting fragile qualities of life.  Last spring I began paintings based off of images of icebergs that I found on the Internet.  I chose this subject because it is a natural form that continues to change over time while displaying qualities of fragility and vulnerability.  The desire to create shapes that form and dissolve resulted in the works on paper.  I focused on losing and regaining the form, while thinking about the speed and movement that contradict the stillness of the object.  It became necessary to have observational study with my subject matter in order to further explore light and reflection, transparency verses opacity, and the slow, constant transformation that I want to capture. I brought large chunks of ice into my studio, used an ice pick to alter the shape, and then painted small still lifes from observation.  I also took a series of photographs to use as reference material where I lit the ice from below while using my drawings as a backdrop.  Through working this way, I realized that the process is an integral part of my work, and the experience of it has allowed me to engage more with the work while continuing to investigate and explore.